Archive | March, 2009

Planning for Your Disabled Child

Few questions can cause as much worry and anxiety for our clients as “who will take care of my disabled adult child or grandchild when I am gone” and “how will she be provided for?”  In particular, our clients are gravely concerned about who will manage their child’s inheritance.  Who will make sure the money is spent appropriately for their child’s benefit?  Will the inheritance affect their child’s supplemental security check, medicaid coverage and eligibility for an adult day program or residential placement?  What if the inheritance disqualifies their child from medicaid?

These are the questions that keep the parents and grandparents of disabled adult children up at night.  Fortunately, through a special needs trust our clients can make sure that their adult disabled child or grandchild will receive an inheritance that is managed by a trustworthy individual in a way that will not disqualify that child from supplemental security income, medicaid, adult day programs or residential placement.

For those who qualify, a special needs trust can substantially improve a disabled person’s quality of life.  Through a special needs trust, a parent can make sure their disabled child is not disqualified from public benefits like medicaid and supplemental security income.  A parent can also make sure the inheritance they leave their child will be managed properly and in a way that enhances their child’s life.

Special needs trusts have enhanced the quality of life of so many disabled adult children and grandchildren.  And they have also given peace of mind to concerned parents and grandparents.

For more information on the benefits of special needs trust or planning for disabled children please visit our website, or call our office to schedule a consultation.  This post is adapted from Kathryn Casey’s article published in the July 2008 issue of Chicago Hospital News.