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Emergency Planning : Are You Ready?

In light of winter approaching and the recent storms, we want you to be as ready as possible for emergencies.  When you prepare and discuss your plans with your family, friends and neighbors, you can better ensure your safety.   What can possibly happen?  

 Think about the possible emergency situations we can have in Northern Illinois…


* Ice Storm:  Can easily lose power for several days. 
* Snow Storm: Again, you can lose power as well as not be able to leave your home for days.
* Tornado or Wind Damage: Fallen trees can topple and take down power lines, resulting in loss of power for days, as well as trees blocking streets.
* Area Flooding: Do you know if you are in a flood plain?  Even if not, are you affected by run off water?

 Many agencies have recommended the following procedures and items for your safety and success in any emergency situation:

Make your plan:  have a safety kit, pack a suitcase, get your automobile ready, make a plan for your pets, and know where your nearest neighborhood shelter is located.  All of these items are extremely important and will take some of your time, but, upon completion of these details, you will be better prepared and will have enabled yourself, along with your family, neighbors, and friends, to be protected and ready for most any emergency.   

 One last thing that is, many times, omitted from an emergency kit is an Estate Plan. Your emergency Estate Plan should contain copies of your will, power of attorney, and trust information. What happens if you become in and can’t make medical or financial decisions? or are killed in the storm? While it is horrible to think of these events happening, unfortunately, they do. Emergency planning needs to include more than three days of water and medications.

Once you have all of these items completed, don’t forget that you should re-check all of these provisions every few months.  Just like checking the batteries in your smoke-detectors every month, re-visiting all of your emergency plans and supplies will keep you safe and secure.  If you would like more specific information on non-legal planning, please go to the websites for the American Red Cross and the National Organization on Disabilities – Emergency Preparedness Initiative and Ready.Gov.  

Dutton & Casey concentrates on assisting people plan for today… and tomorrow. For information on how we can assist you, please review our  website or email us for more information.