Erin Vogt’s Testimonials

Testimonials for Erin Vogt

“Thank you for all the help you and Erin gave me and my mom during a very difficult season. I appreciate all that you did and how well you kept me informed.” (JP Westchester)

“You’re insights brought me peace.”, KO, Highland Park, Illinois

“While the attorneys are helpful, I would have not survived the last year without your support and advice,” DB, Arlington Heights, Illinois

“Erin, thanks very much--your diligence and efficiency are much appreciated. We would not get through this without your support.”, KL, Chicago

"I just want to thank you and Janna and all at Dutton & Casey for your support of the 23rd Annual Alzheimer Day. You have been such a consistently reliable resource for our patients and families over many years. Please know how much your skill and expertise is appreciated by me and all on the Northwestern CNADC team. " – Darby Morhardt, PhD, LCSW, Associate Professor | Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center and Department of Preventive Medicine | Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

“You’re a one woman solution kit, miracle worker, with creativity and tenacity. Thank you again,” IC, Mt Prospect, Illinois

“My sister and I wanted to take a moment and thank your firm for the outstanding service and support we have received regarding estate planning for our parents. Helen Mesoloras, Melissa LaPointe and Erin Vogt have provided guidance and their expertise while also displaying genuine care, concern and compassion.

When my father suffered a massive stroke in October '15, we were left overwhelmed and lost as to what to do next regarding his care. After being referred to your firm by in NY (where I live) I spoke to Erin who listened and right away assured us your firm could help not only in estate planning but with the medicaid process as well.

From our first meeting with Helen we felt confident and secure we were not alone, and that we would have someone helping us advocate for my dad in the nursing home he was at. This especially was evident when we were told in November we would have to take him home. Unfortunately, there was no way we could care for him at home being that my mother is 79 and my sister works full time. As for the medicaid process, being that I do not live in town, the idea of my mom and sister having to do the medicaid application alone was not an option. Helen said Melissa would help us with that. Had it not been for Melissa and her team organizing everything and informing us when items were still needed I honestly think we would still be knee deep in paperwork today.

Another turning point happened in December when I was talking to Erin regarding my dad's overall health. He was extremely depressed and not eating at the time. She suggested that maybe Journey Care could help us. While initially on palliative care, since February he had been on hospice care. But had it not been for Erin we never would have known about Journey Care or all that they could and would help us with. So a special thank you to her!

While unfortunately our father passed away recently on May 22nd, we continue to work with Helen regarding my mother's estate planning. We feel great solace in knowing that dad would want us to make sure mom is taken care of and protected in every way. Thank you again for all your support.” NF, New York

“Thank you for your help and support for my mother and I when she was so sick. This was the hardest part of my life so far. I was very fortunate that you were there to help. You provide a very important service.” JC. Schaumburg, Illinois

“Thank you for your assistance and support. It was very good to have you there yesterday afternoon to advocate for my mom (and I).” – client in Schaumburg, Illinois

“Thank you, always for making this journey I am on so much easier. Erin, you are a pleasure to be with and you give me a wonderful positive feeling of how I am taking care of my loved one…..I appreciate that more than you know.” – client from Chicago, Illinois

“Erin, I am truly grateful for your help with my parents during the last 3 years and compassion during my parents last days. I will never forget it.” – client from Geneva, Illinois

The services and assistance that Erin provided to my family and me are invaluable. She really sets you apart from other attorneys doing similar work.” – client from Westchester, Illinois

“I wanted to thank Erin Vogt for being such a good advocate for my parents.” – client from Lisle, Illinois

“The firm of Dutton & Casey handled the legal needs of my sister expertly. They are true enablers in elder law. But once the our legal needs were met we needed an expert who was available on an as-needed basis to find a suitable assisted living community for my sister and to help her move there. Their social worker, Erin Vogt, provided this expertise with sensitivity and efficiency. She also made sure my sister had someone to look in on her and help her adjust to her new surroundings after the move. I am deeply grateful to Dutton & Casey and to Erin Vogt.” – client from Connecticut

“Erin Vogt has been a tremendous help to my father and I as we are dealing with my mom’s nursing home admittance. I called Erin from the very beginning when my mother broke her hip and had to be admitted to a nursing home. She has handled all the details and been there every step of the way for us. A social worker/care manager such as Erin should be part of any elder law practice!” – client from Lombard, Illinois

“We had your firm do a e-file on the medicaid application. Got confirmation number from her same day. We presented that to our Aunt’s new home the next day. You guys helped us find a place fast, get her in, and get her short and long term financial situation in place.” – client from Tennessee

“We cant express strongly enough how much Dutton & Casey helped us through the toughest time in our lives. The firm is absolutely equipped to help you with all of your needs just when your parent or loved one needs you the most. And as our loved one’s living needs changed rapidly and often, Dutton & Casey’s social worker. Erin Vogt, was there at our side helping us make some of the toughest decisions of our lives. Erin proved to be an indispensable eldercare expert. We truly don’t know how we would have made it through the past year without the support of Dutton & Casey. We can’t recommend them enough.” – clients from Evanston, Illinois

“Thank you for all of your help and support and holding my hand during this very traumatic and chaotic time. You are doing a great service for people like me and our families and I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated. I hope that you continue with the work you do for some time to come.” – client from California