Helen Mesoloras’ Testimonials

Testimonials for Helen Mesoloras

“Helen, we really appreciate everything you have done. This situation was beyond messy and we would have never been able to survive it all without you!” (RW, Skokie, Illinois)

“Thank you for all the help you and Erin gave me and my mom during a very difficult season. I appreciate all that you did and how well you kept me informed.” (JP Westchester)

“Thank you so much for all your help. What a long crazy process. So grateful to have had you representing us on this. Our sincerest appreciation!,” TV. Crestwood, Illinois

“Your assistance throughout this process is greatly appreciated and you and your team were a blessing along the way.”’ LR. Chicago, Illinois

“Helen, As you know, I moved to Texas and met with an attorney here. They have a specific format that is needed, but he was very impressed with your extensive coverage within the forms you drafted.” - LR, Texas.

“My sister and I wanted to take a moment and thank your firm for the outstanding service and support we have received regarding estate planning for our parents. Helen Mesoloras, Melissa LaPointe and Erin Vogt have provided guidance and their expertise while also displaying genuine care, concern and compassion.

When my father suffered a massive stroke in October '15, we were left overwhelmed and lost as to what to do next regarding his care. After being referred to your firm by in NY (where I live) I spoke to Erin who listened and right away assured us your firm could help not only in estate planning but with the medicaid process as well.

From our first meeting with Helen we felt confident and secure we were not alone, and that we would have someone helping us advocate for my dad in the nursing home he was at. This especially was evident when we were told in November we would have to take him home. Unfortunately, there was no way we could care for him at home being that my mother is 79 and my sister works full time. As for the medicaid process, being that I do not live in town, the idea of my mom and sister having to do the medicaid application alone was not an option. Helen said Melissa would help us with that. Had it not been for Melissa and her team organizing everything and informing us when items were still needed I honestly think we would still be knee deep in paperwork today.

Another turning point happened in December when I was talking to Erin regarding my dad's overall health. He was extremely depressed and not eating at the time. She suggested that maybe Journey Care could help us. While initially on palliative care, since February he had been on hospice care. But had it not been for Erin we never would have known about Journey Care or all that they could and would help us with. So a special thank you to her!

While unfortunately our father passed away recently on May 22nd, we continue to work with Helen regarding my mother's estate planning. We feel great solace in knowing that dad would want us to make sure mom is taken care of and protected in every way. Thank you again for all your support.” - NF, New York

“I want to take a moment and thank you for everything You and your firm did to help me and straighten out the problems. I wish I would have known of your firm from the beginning, for I know that things would have gone a lot better, I would have been better informed and had less of the issue I am having. Using you from the beginning would not change the problems but I believe I would have been better informed.” - HZ, Hanover Park

“I wanted to take this opportunity to once again say "Thank You" to Helen Mesoloras for meeting with us and presenting the process that will take place with my loved one going forward. It was very informative and understandable for each step in the process,” - DJ, Cook County, Illinois

“Thank you so much for all of your legal understandings and excellent advise. Your support was a great comfort to me.” - KC, Massachusetts.

"My family & I wish to extend our gratitude to you & the firm for all your efforts on my Aunt’s behalf. It was a pleasure talking & emailing you & for the services rendered." - BN, Wauconda, Illinois

“Helen, on behalf of my family, your advice during this process was excellent, and realistic; the work you did for us was thorough, and the outcome was what we had hoped for. Thank you and your team for a job well done!” – client from Central, Illinois.

“Helen, was excellent….very knowledgeable, answering all our questions efficiently as well as being easy to understand and approachable.” – client from Park Ridge, Illinois

“Not only am I thankful for what Helen did for me, but the process of how she did everything (explaining all of the steps and keeping me informed along the way) made all the difference. Not only is she a superb attorney, but she is a caring and respectful person.” – client from Wilmette, Illinois

“Thank you for all of your help. You were kind in everyway.” – client from Chicago, Illinois