Kathryn Casey’s Testimonials

Testimonials for Kathryn Casey

“Thank you for your presentation. Your message and advice had a strong impact on our attendees and certainly set many on the correct legal path for themselves and their loved ones. One younger couple, in particular, stopped us afterward and told us how truly grateful they were that you covered the complexities of handling their parents' finances. Sometimes "our" caregivers get so wrapped up in the day-to-day, they fail to plan for the future. Your presentation allowed them to take a step back and think about a course of action. Spending a chilly Saturday morning with us cannot be easy after you've already put in a full week at your office. Thank you for giving of your personal time, talent, and knowledge. We recognize and appreciate your dedication and willingness to educate seniors and caregivers.”, PLOWS Council on Aging, April, 2018

"Kathryn is a well-respected professional who knows the law, represents her clients aggressively but is civil in her approach with lawyers on the other side. Recently we had a very contentious matter. I believe her client had some difficult issues related to the litigation. Rather than ignoring her clients issues, Kathryn worked on resolving the contested matter and was able to get an agreement that we could use to resolve the litigation without the need to go to a contested hearing.” - Chicago-based guardianship attorney

“Ms. Casey, I wanted to express to you and your team my appreciation for your excellent and very competent legal assistance during the past ten months in my efforts to provide guardianship services for my loved one. You were timely in your responses to my telephone calls; your answers to my many questions were quite satisfactory; your mailed and faxed communications were timely and your advice on even the smallest details was extremely helpful. Essentially, you gave me all the necessary legal support I needed to proceed with confidence and be successful in the guardianship process, which for me was an entirely new experience. I sincerely thank you for all your past assistance.” – client in Rolling Meadows, Illinois

“Hi Kathryn, now that this process seems to be about over, I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for your help, knowledge, and professionalism. I’ve been on a big learning curve throughout this process and you’ve done a great job explaining things and getting me up to speed. If I ever have a friend going through something like this, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. I really appreciate that there was never a touch of arrogance on your part, and that you could explain things in a way that was simple to understand.” – Illinois clients from Chicago

“I just want to tell you how great your team is, and how helpful your law firm have been through a very tough time in our family. Two of my brothers and I had no idea how to go about helping my father, who has dementia, to be taken care of the best possible way in spite of other family members trying to take advantage of him, we on the right path. You are readily available every time we need you, and you very knowledgeable about the laws regarding elder abuse. I’ve appreciated everything you have done to help us. I can’t say enough about your law firm. I will recommend this law firm to anyone who needs help in this area.” – client from Tinley Park, Illinois

“Thank you for all of your help and support and holding my hand during this very traumatic and chaotic time. You are doing a great service for people like me and our families and I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated. I hope that you continue with the work you do for some time to come.” – client from California