Medicaid Appeals

Medicaid Appeals

Dutton & Casey, P.C. has handled many appeals and has extensive experience in this process. We are often retained by client’s whose applications have been denied to file an appeal and follow through until the application is approved. Often, there is misunderstanding between the caseworker and the applicant as to issues, deadlines, and what information is required, which can result in application denials. Caseworkers often make mistakes and misinterpret policy, which can also result in denials of applications.

Dutton & Casey Appeal Services include:

  • filing the appeal
  • working with the client to prepare a defense or advise as to the missing materials that caused the denial;
  • pre-appeal meetings with appeals caseworkers
  • representation at a hearing if one is required.

When interpretation of policy is at issue, we work directly with the Springfield Policy Office of IDHS to obtain policy clarifications for caseworkers.

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