Medicaid Eligibility and Application Completion

Medicaid Eligibility and Application Completion

Dutton & Casey, P.C. has over 65 years of combined experience in filing Medicaid applications for its clients. We tailor our asset protection strategies to your specific situation, keeping in mind the preservation of your family’s assets, the prevention of spousal impoverishment, and how to best approach each of these circumstances in order to complete a Medicaid application that has the best chance of success.

Our Medicaid application services include:

  • advice regarding the components of a successful application
  • assistance in gathering materials and preparing them for filing
  • interaction and advocacy with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (the agency that administers the Medicaid program in Illinois)

We will prepare and file the application materials and forms, monitor the application’s progress through the system, and will work with the assigned caseworkers in any capacity necessary — such as responding to questions, faxing materials and regularly checking on the application status, as well as advocating the most advantageous position and policy interpretations for our clients.

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