Melissa LaPointe’s Testimonials

Testimonials for Melissa Killo

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your support and guidance. I hope you know how much it means to your clients—this is easily one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life, and I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without your help. I think back on the emails I sent you. You were always so patient, and helpful, and you always made me feel like my feeling of being overwhelmed was completely normal. It meant so much to me, and got me to take one step at a time. - client in Chicago, Illinois

“Melissa has been handling my mother's Medicaid application process, and she has been amazing!” RJ, Lisle, Illinois

“Melissa, you are so comforting and supportive. I am so grateful to have the pleasure of working with you. You made such a difficult time in my life so much better.” - client in Wheeling, Illinois

“Thanks so much for all your help. This whole process was rather overwhelming at the start, but, working with you gave me confidence that this medicaid application would be handled properly. I appreciate your expertise, professionalism and empathy.” - client in Chicago, Illinois

“My sister and I wanted to take a moment and thank your firm for the outstanding service and support we have received regarding estate planning for our parents. Helen Mesoloras, Melissa Kallio and Erin Vogt have provided guidance and their expertise while also displaying genuine care, concern and compassion.

When my father suffered a massive stroke, we were left overwhelmed and lost as to what to do next regarding his care. After being referred to your firm by in NY (where I live) I spoke to Erin who listened and right away assured us your firm could help not only in estate planning but with the medicaid process as well.

From our first meeting with Helen we felt confident and secure we were not alone, and that we would have someone helping us advocate for my dad in the nursing home he was at. This especially was evident when we were told in November we would have to take him home. Unfortunately, there was no way we could care for him at home being that my mother is 79 and my sister works full time. As for the medicaid process, being that I do not live in town, the idea of my mom and sister having to do the medicaid application alone was not an option. Helen said Melissa would help us with that. Had it not been for Melissa and her team organizing everything and informing us when items were still needed I honestly think we would still be knee deep in paperwork today.

Another turning point happened in December when I was talking to Erin regarding my dad's overall health. Had it not been for Erin we never would have known about Journey Care or all that they could and would help us with. So a special thank you to her! – client in New York

“Your explanation helped me to understand the end result. I am not sure if anyone has mentioned this to you but you are good at what you do”, JK, Arlington Heights, Illinois

“I would like to thank you and your co-workers for all the help you provided during this most difficult time. The information was timely and valuable and I could not have done it without your expertise and knowledge in this matter.”, LP, Niles, Illinois.

“There were many times when I felt lost and wasn't sure what to do. You always knew the answer and contacted people on my behalf.” - JC, Schaumburg, Illinois

“Melissa is amazing. She has been our guide throughout. She is professional, smart and incredibly responsive. We would NEVER have been able to do this without her. I have learned so much from her. I had to force my husband to go to an Elder Law Attorney. He did not understand the need and did not want to spend the money. Now he would tell you that the service we received and the final result was more than worth it.” – client from Lake Zurich, Illinois

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the excellent advice and help I have received from Janna, and Melissa. Our journey began about 7 years ago when my parents and I decided that we should have any legal paperwork drawn up quickly because my Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. From Janna helping us with the paperwork, Erin assisting me in finding a nursing home for Mom, and Melissa helping with Medicaid applications, everything went very smoothly. Such wonderful advocates for the elderly! Our journey has now ended. Mom died in Sept. and Dad died just 3 short months later. Do not hesitate contacting Dutton Casey & Mesoloras when you need a law firm that handles elder law.” –client in Lombard