It’s Not All About Death and Taxes: Preventing Elder Financial Exploitation Through Estate Planning

While this article was written primarily for attorneys, the information it contains can be helpful for all.

Understanding the Four Cs of Elder Law Ethics

Your parent or other elder relative is getting legal advice. Why am I left in the waiting room?

Shouldn’t you be included? After all, you might be very involved in helping him or her with important matters. Perhaps you even arranged for this appointment.

There are several reasons why lawyers need to meet with your family member or friend alone for at least part of the case evaluation process, so please don’t be alarmed or offended. Family involvement is very important, but try to understand the way legal services are provided to elder or disabled clients. It may help first to understand the “Four Cs” of elder law ethics that lawyers are required to follow. We are happy to discuss these ethical guidelines or any other aspect of our legal services. Above all, we seek to promote the dignity, self-determination, and quality of life of your loved one.

Another Tool to Protect Vulnerable Adults

It might be too late to assist the family of Ernie Banks, whose will was changed in 2014 to the benefit of his caregiver, but this statutory tool will protect others from being victimized by non-family caregivers of persons requiring care. Attorney Janna Dutton, an active advocate for vulnerable adults for over 30 years, as a member of the Illinois National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys wrote a new section of the Probate Act, Presumptively Void Transfers Public Act 098-1093.

Avoiding Scams Cornering Living Trusts

Not everyone will benefit from a living trust and not everyone who offers them is reputable.

Guide to Choosing an Elder Law Attorney

This resource explains the unique qualifications of an elder law attorney and how to locate one.

Questions to Ask When Looking for an Elder Law Attorney

This brochure contains questions to ask when looking for an elder law attorney.

Educational Resources on Financial Abuse

Baylor College of Medicine, the Texas Consortium on Geriatric Education, and the Investor Protection Trust published resources related to financial protection and resources for assistance.

A Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home

The “Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home” is prepared by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS and states oversee the quality of nursing homes. State and Federal government agencies certify nursing homes to participate in Medicare and Medicaid.

Click here to download the publication.

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