Client Testimonials

What people have to say about our work.

I want to take a moment and thank you for everything You and your firm did to help me and straighten out the problems. I wish I would have known of your firm from the beginning, for I know that things would have gone a lot better, I would have been better informed and had less of the issue I am having. Using you from the beginning would not change the problems but I believe I would have been better informed.
Attorney Helen Mesoloras, CELA, JD
HZ - Hanover Park, Illinois
Probably the best session I have ever attended. Direct and to the point. Clear expertise. Kathryn Casey is extremely knowledgeable and perhaps more important is her ability to precisely and concisely communicate what she knows.
Attorney Kathryn Casey, CELA, JD
Not only am I thankful for what Helen did for me, but the process of how she did everything (explaining all of the steps and keeping me informed along the way) made all the difference. Not only is she a superb attorney, but she is a caring and respectful person.
Attorney Helen Mesoloras, CELA, JD
client - Wilmette, Illinois
It was a pleasure working with Katie Casey. I found her very attentive and quick to respond to my questions and concerns. She was a great resource for me during a very difficult time for my family. I strongly recommend her for your legal needs especially as they relate to the elderly. Katie is empathic and reactive to delicate situations. Also, very knowledgeable for sensitive financial concerns.
Attorney Kathryn Casey, CELA, JD
I was thrilled to read that Melissa Kallio achieved her CELA! I continue to be proud to be a client of Katie Casey in all female firm with an icon of the Elder Law practice. I know as my needs (and my Mom’s needs) evolve, I am in good hands.
Melissa Kallio, CELA, JD, and Kathryn Casey, CELA, JD
BD - Chicago, Illinois
Melissa Kallio and the firm of Dutton, Casey & Mesoloras did an excellent job in assisting me with father's Guardianship. 2020 has been a challenging year for us all. In the midst of a global pandemic Melissa provided excellent legal counsel in a complex case involving my father who was suffering from dementia, going through a divorce, and selling property in another state. Throughout the entire process Melissa was ultra responsive, compassionate, and always available for discussion. I can give Melissa and her firm my strongest recommendation.
Attorney Melissa Kallio, CELA, JD
We want to acknowledge Amy for the outstanding job she did in helping us with the guardianship process. She was very skillful and competent and presented the case to the judge very effectively. She was also very compassionate to the petitioners. We congratulate Dutton Casey & Mesoloras for having such a great lawyer on their team. Thank you.
Attorney Amy Gjesdahl, JD
SP - Glendale Heights, Illinois
Thank you for shepherding me through the very detailed and lengthy Medicaid process. I am forever grateful for your help, support, and guidance during this very difficult time in my life.
Attorney Samantha Zullo, JD
I was hit with a complex problem when my aunt became ill and could no longer care for herself, and, at the same time, her sister, who was her primary caregiver, started slipping into dementia. I was living more than two hours away out of state and needed some help fast. I was referred to Dutton Casey & Mesoloras by the local council on aging and was paired up with Amy Gjesdahl. I would never have been able to properly care for these ladies without Amy’s counsel and compassion. She led me through some challenging legal issues that allowed me to make decisions that got my aunt and her sister the best care in the final months of their lives. I cannot recommend the folks at Dutton Casey & Mesoloras – and in particular Amy – strongly enough.
Attorney Amy Gjesdahl, JD
DG - Wisconsin
I cannot thank you enough for all of your support and guidance. I hope you know how much it means to your clients—this is easily one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life, and I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without your help. I think back on the emails I sent you. You were always so patient, and helpful, and you always made me feel like my feeling of being overwhelmed was completely normal. It meant so much to me, and got me to take one step at a time. Much, much thanks.
Attorney Melissa Kallio, CELA, JD
KL - Chicago, Illinois
Katie is friendly and her expertise was communicated in the attention to details she provided me.  After talking with Katie today, I have a greater peace of mind that I am on the right track with my current Estate Plans and some thoughts for the future.  Katie explained answers to lingering legal questions that came to mind as I aged, so through talking with her today I gained the clarity I needed. My recommendation to family and friends will definitely be to reach out to Katie for her legal expertise and services.
Attorney Kathryn Casey, CELA, JD
RW - Arlington Heights, Illinois