New Medicaid Bill Signed into Law

New Medicaid Bill Signed into Law

 Illinois House Bill 4343 was signed into law this month and has significant impact on the community spouse (the spouse not living in a long-term care facility) as it relates to Medicaid eligibility for the spouse living in long-term care. Effective immediately, the monthly allowance for the community spouse is raised from $2,739 per month to $3,435 – the maximum amount allowed under federal law.  

It also begins increasing the Illinois Community Spouse Resource Allowance at the rate of 2.5% per year for the next ten years. This is the amount of couples’ resources the community spouse can keep without affecting the Medicaid status of the spouse living in a long-term care facility.  

Lastly, it allows the community spouse to receive any additional increases in the community spouse resource allowance that is allowed under federal law during these ten years.   

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