Care Navigation and Advocacy

Planning for the today, as well as the future, can be difficult and confusing. To meet these needs, we assist our clients by providing resources for care navigation and advocacy. This service is designed to help with decision making as well as establishing and maintaining quality care.

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A Few Signs Your Family May Need Help

  1. Family members are confused about care options, what to do next or where to get help.
  2. A family member was recently diagnosed with cancer, Alzheimer's disease or other chronic condition.
  3. A loved one is ill or has a disability and family live out of town.
  4. A loved one experiences a catastrophic event, such as a fall, medication mistake, or accident.
  5. Family members have discovered a loved one wandering, malnourished, dehydrated or unable to provide self care.
  6. A loved one suffers a medical event, such as a stroke or heart attack.
  7. The loved one and/or family is expressing worries about paying for long-term care in the future.
  8. Loved ones are voicing concerns about a parent's debilitating diagnosis.
  9. A loved one is hospitalized, and the family has been told that returning home is not an option.
  10. Hints of driving anecdote or complaint about the "rude woman" who yelled at them as they were driving by, the street signs are printed to small, getting lost, etc.

Planning for the future is made up of a lot of moving parts....the goal of Care Navigation is to help put all of the parts together.

Appointments available in Arlington Heights, Chicago, Naperville, and Skokie, Illinois via phone or video conference.


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